5.9 - Opening Night

18:30 Opening Cocktail at the Jerusalem Theatre Plaza – The First Glass of Wine is on the House! A contemporary circus show (Israel โ€“ France) and a Site-specificย performance (Japan)

19:30 Gates Opening at the Hansen House โ€“ Opening Drink โ€“ The Second Glass of Wine is on the House! ๐Ÿท

20:30 International Dance on the Stage โ€“ China โ€“ Italy โ€“ Israel โ€“ Georgia

Night Events


Israel - Premiere



Israel - Premiere

9.9 - JISDF Closing Night - Shlomi Shaban / Dance with me?

8.9 - Im too old for this

Two Nights in one ticket 6-7/9/2023

7.9 - Third evenig

6.9 - Second evening

5.9 - Opening Night