Jerusalem International Solo Dance Festival 2024

Artistic Director: Miriam Engel

Open Call



JISDF – The Jerusalem International Solo Dance Festival is a leading cultural annual event, highlighting the art, craft, and theme of the solo contemporary dance performance, creation, and creator, this year opening the call for both solo and Duet works. The festival presents selected dance pieces and novel works by established choreographers from around the world and Israel, uniquely exposed to the public, placemaking in the heart of Jerusalem’s most vibrant cultural mile. The festival showcases 5 nights of international creations, and original productions in famous Jerusalem arts and culture sites and venues; The Israel Museum and the Jerusalem Theater, both located in the heart of the city. The showcases perform on an open-air custom-made theater stage and indoor venues. In addition, the festival holds an International Residency program inviting local and international artists for a creative Site-Specific process of new works to be premiered at the festival events, inspired, and researched in Jerusalem.

Led by Angela Dance Co. Israel, Artistic Director Miriam Engel, JISDF hosts choreographers, performers, artistic directors, dance artists, and thinkers from Israel and all around the world for performances, discussion panels, research, international exposure, and feedback events, thereby realizing an interactive, long-term multicultural meeting point between artists and audience, projecting and exchanging as an international community.



JISDF’s artistic mission highlights the performative art of storytelling in a multicultural spectrum. Bringing forward the individual’s narrative in response to their reality, using physical, quality, multi-disciplinary expression of contemporary dance and Body – as a common ground between People, emphasizing the significance of culture and art as a vehicle for communication, open discussion, and peace. 

The festival welcomes works from a broad spectrum of disciplines including, contemporary circus, contemporary flamenco, Site-specific, and any other genre that correspondence with contemporary performance and dance.

We look for short (5-35 min.) innovative dance works with a unique artistic and personal vision, Maximizing, Challenging, and Redefining the concept and medium of Solo/Duo creation and performance. Works researched and developed in reaction to; social, environmental, political, cultural, critical, personal, and actual topics of today’s life. We look for the artist’s story, told, manifested, executed, and expressed through an original, physical, human point of view.

We seek interaction, artistic discussion, creative place-making, revision, and reaction. To meet most directly, facilitating communication between various narratives, focusing on the individual form of expression shared through the solo and Duo performance art.



JISDF – Jerusalem International Solo Dance Festival is led by Angela Dance Company – Artistic Director Miriam Engel, in partnership with The Israel Museum and the Jerusalem Theater.

JISDF is supported by the Jerusalem Foundation, Jerusalem Municipality, JDA – The Jerusalem Development Authority, and the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and partners in Artistic network collaboration with Solocoreografico Solo Festival – Frankfurt – Torino, and Solo Dance Ankara.

  • Original Solo or Duo choreographies
  • Professional works of Contemporary Dance, Dance Theater, Contemporary Circus, Contemporary Flamenco, Performance Art, Site-specific, and cross-genres works. 
  • Experienced Choreographers – indicated by submitted professional resume.
  • The production applied has premiered.
  • The duration of the work must be between 5-35 minutes.
  • If your production is Longer – only solo works that can be adapted to this time frame will be considered according to the festival’s artistic agenda.
  • Site-specific works (which are not presented on a frontal stage as part of their artistic concept) that can and are open to being adapted to the different spaces of the festival sites are welcome to be applied.
  • Artist must approve Availability on all festival days: 9-15/9/2024.
  • Stage rehearsals will take place one day before the performance.
  • Artists invited will be asked to participate in the festival’s P.R. channels and publications (Providing professional materials at request, participating in shootings, interviews, social media, etc.)
  • One artist can apply more than one piece (filling two forms separately for each work)
  • FESTIVAL DATES:  9-15/9/2024 in Jerusalem, Israel.
  • The festival showcases performances on a fully equipped stage with high professional standards, or Site-specific full tech and production support.
  • The festival will provide full technical support and a tech crew.
  • The festival will schedule a tech rehearsal on stage before performance day, and a studio space available during the festival days.
  • Site-specific works will have as much time available to adapt the piece to the site.
  • A standard light setup and design will be available. Special technical requests must be mentioned in the application form and will be provided as much as possible.
  • The festival will fully cover artist’s Flights and accommodation.
  • The festival pays artistic fees to the performing artists.
  • Artists are welcome to attend all festival events. 
  • Residency application will follow this open call. The festival organizers will approach selected artists who fill in the relevant paragraph in the form.
  • All applications must be submitted only by the Festival’s online application form.
  • The festival welcomes works from a broad spectrum of disciplines including, contemporary circus, contemporary flamenco, Site-specific, and any other genres that correspond with contemporary performance/dance.
  • We welcome all artists from all countries to apply.

Fill in the JISDF – Jerusalem International Solo Dance Festival 2023 online Application form here

>> DEADLINE *EXTENDED: Sunday, April 21st 2024

For any questions, please contact us at:

9.9 - JISDF Closing Night - Shlomi Shaban / Dance with me?

8.9 - Im too old for this

Two Nights in one ticket 6-7/9/2023

7.9 - Third evenig

6.9 - Second evening

5.9 - Opening Night