Ada’s Room

Mariam Aleksidze


Choreography and Direction: Mariam Aleksidze
Original Music: Nika Machaidze
Idea and Concept: David Maziashvili
Performed by Mariam Darchia (Principal Dancer of Giorgi Aleksidze Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet)

Photo:  Tina Kazakhishvili

With the support of the Tbilisi City Hall

The cooperation between choreographer Mariam Aleksidze and author of the concept Prof. David Maziashvili was inspired by Ada Lovelace, daughter of the great poet Lord Byron. Lovelace’s mother, fearing that the daughter would inherit her father’s volatile “poetic” temperament, raised her under a strict regimen of studying science, logic, and mathematics – an unusual education for a woman. Perhaps these are what led Lovelace to the belief that anything that can be converted into numbers – such as music, the alphabet, or images – can then be manipulated by computer algorithms. Ada Lovelace is often referred to as “the first programmer” and “the prophet of the computer age”. Her love of both poetry and math primed her to see beauty in a computing machine that inspired David Maziashvili and Mariam Aleksidze for a new Solo – “Ada’s Room”.

Mariam Aleksidze
Mariam Aleksidze is one of the first professional female choreographers of Contemporary Ballet in Georgia. In 2011 she established the Giorgi Aleksidze Foundation for the Development of Contemporary Choreography in Georgia. During 2014-2016 she was the artistic director of the South Caucasus Contemporary Dance Festival, and in 2016, when the Tbilisi City Hall established the first contemporary ballet company in Georgia – Giorgi Aleksidze Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet – Aleksidze was appointed as its Artistic Director. Since 2016 Aleksidze has been creating an original repertoire, which makes the company notable for its own style and aesthetics. She makes significant contributions to the development and promotion of contemporary choreography and dance in Georgia and expresses an artistic vision based on freethinking in choreography, the search for contemporary forms in art, and the aspiration to a constant process of development while preserving traditions.

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