Giovanni Insaudo


Choreography, Concept, and Costumes: Giovanni Insaudo
Dancer: Sandra Salietti Aguilera
Photo: Flavio Quisisana

With the support of The Italian Culture Institute Tel Aviv

Retreating inside its shell, into itself, isolated from its environment for an indefinite time; re-living nothing every day. Is something secretly happening? Is something small emerging, whose body only grows wings after countless metamorphoses? Does the quarantine enable the creation of artistic products that would not have been created at all within the social bustle? The “Crisalide” – the pupa before it becomes a butterfly – has many parallels with the conceptual phase of any creative process, as does the uncomfortable but potentially fertile state of a quarantine: Lots of things happen, but you see absolutely nothing! Giovanni Insaudo made his “quarantine” fruitful and created a poetic choreography based on this comparison, showing how such an invisible metamorphosis, like that which a butterfly pupa undergoes, can be represented on the body of a dancer.

Giovanni Insaudo
Giovanni Insaudo is a choreographer and founder of “I Vespri” - a dance collective he established in order to provide his creative impulse to begin a journey through his own language and to search for his own artistic identity and movement. Within the "I Vespri" collective he created works such as “Keller”, “Acamante e Fillide”, “Crisalide”, and “AriK/KirA”, in addition to choreographies he created for the companies in which he danced, amongst them Dantzaz Konpainia, Balletto dell'Esperia, Gärtnerplatz Theater, and the Luzerner Theater. Insaudo performed at choreographic festivals and competitions in Spain, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark, and his accomplishments have been recognized at the Certamen Coreografico Internacional Burgos New York; the International Choreographic Competition in Copenhagen; the Hannover International Choreography Competition; and the Rotterdam International Choreography Competition for Duets.

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Israel - Premiere


Israel - Premiere

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