El Porvenir

Pepa Sanz


Original Music: Greta Chaska, Gaby Cruz, and Paco Cruz
Edited Music: Gyda Valtysdottir

Photo: Renae Harvey

With the support of the Cervantes Institute Tel Aviv

To discover illusions, goals, and possible and impossible dreams, while uncovering the uncertainty, insecurity, and fear caused by the unknown that is to come, to capture it in body, movement, and stage action. “El Porvenir” presents a future time, an imperfect time.

The piece solicits audience participation at each performance through three questions about the future: 1. If you could choose your future, what would you ask of it? 2. What are you most concerned about and excited about for your future? 3. What conditions will determine whether your future will be the way you want it to be? It is fascinating how at each performance the audience members – coming from different generations and places – share anonymously what motivates, scares, and limits them.

Pepa Sanz
Pepa Sanz is a versatile dancer and choreographer. She has an extensive background as a performer of flamenco and Spanish dance and has been collaborating for over two decades in pioneering, daring, and innovative projects with important choreographers such as Mariemma, Antonio Ruiz, Pedro Azorín, Mario Maya, Alberto Lorca, Carmen Cortés, and Lola Greco. Sanz has also coordinated several pedagogic projects related to the scene, collaborating with Rubén Olmo, Daniel Doña, and Javier Latorre. Sanz received awards from the Unesco Aschberg Programme for Artists and the Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid, and has been awarded for Best Direction at INDIFEST 2022. Since 2011 Sanz is co-director of the “Caminantes Danza” company together with José Merino. The company produces dance-theater focused on contemporary flamenco and presents works in China, Thailand, Argentina, Ecuador, Portugal, Italy, and Bulgaria. Photo: Jesus Robisco

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10:15 | Jerusalem Theater, Rebecca Crown Hall


Israel - Premiere



Israel - Premiere

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