Shlomi Shaban / Dance with me?

Closing Concert of the International Solo Dance Festival in Jerusalem

Saturday | 21:00 | Jerusalem Theatre, Rebecca Crown Hall

Artistic Direction: Miriam Engel and Shlomi Shaban

Shlomi Shaban: Vocal, Piano, and Keyboards

Choreography and Dance: Hu Shenyuan – China, Margot Gelber – USA, Burak Kayıhan – Turkey, Gil Kaerer – Israel, Tomo Sone – Japan, Jennifer Cohen – Israel, Jessie Lee Thorne – USA, Miriam Engel – Israel.

Lighting Design: Danny Fishoff
Sound: Mickey Medina
Show Management: Melanie Bresson
Amplification and Lighting: Magenta
Contemporary Circus Technical Support: Dani Tavori
Photography and Documentation: Hana Taib

Acknowledgments: Hamon Volume, The Khan Theater, China-Tel Aviv Cultural Center, The Jerusalem Theatre

At the end of the show, the audience is invited to a glass of wine and a celebratory toast – sponsored by Jerusalem Wineries.


Shlomi Shaban, the piano, and contemporary dance in a festive and unusual gala show.

Shlomi Shaban is known for his immersive performances – his solo shows are widely known and compose a central part of his extensive artistic work thanks to his charismatic presentations, virtuosic performance, and narrative and unique songs.

In a world premiere under the artistic direction of Miriam Engel and Shlomi Shaban, Shaban’s solo show will turn into a carousel of duets from around the world, and will try to tell a new story.

Through new choreographies and musical performances created especially for this evening, Shlomi’s songs will provide a living and stimulating soundtrack for a dance performance that will move between the romantic and the brutal, the personal and the national, between movement and music, and between the written and the improvised.

On the stage Shlomi’s songs will become raw material in the hands of Israeli and international choreographers and dancers, and will tell a story that begins with an invitation to dance.

How will his songs – which are so deeply rooted in Israeli culture – be seen through the foreign eyes of creators from China, America, Turkey, and Japan? And will Shlomi accept the direct, innocent, and complicated invitation – to leave the piano and just dance?

Margot Gelber
Margot Gelber is a New York City based artist who studied at the Boston Conservatory under the direction of Cathy Young. Upon graduating, she joined the Ate9 Dance Company in LA before relocating to New York to focus on her dance making. In 2014, Gelber was commissioned as the inaugural recipient of the Boston Conservatory Dance Division's Alumni Commissioning Project. Gelber was selected to participate in Elizabeth Streb’s “Go!” Emerging Artist Program in 2014, was awarded the Houston Met Dance Emerging Choreographer Prize (2015), and the Bates Dance Festival Emerging Choreographer Prize. Gelber’s work has been featured in festivals and theaters throughout the US and internationally, including San Francisco, San Diego, Houston, Seattle, Boston, Poland, and Turkey. Most recently she has been invited to present her work at the Mexico City Contemporary Dance Festival. Photo: Teal Thomsen
Hu Shenyuan
Hu Shenyuan is a young Chinese dancer and choreographer, renowned as a dancer thanks to his storytelling body. He is founder of the HU-HU DANCE clothing brand and champion of the first season of "Dance Smash" on Hunan TV. Shenyuan won the Best Performance Award at the 4th Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition, the Silver Award at the 16th Rome International Choreography Competition in Italy, and the Jury Chairman’s Award at the 15th Seoul International Dance Competition. His most notable works are: "Nomadic", "Ship of Theseus", "SAMSARA", and "Elephant in Room". Photo: Yingzhou
Gil Kerer
Gil Kerer has performed with the KCDC, the Vertigo Dance Company, and with numerous independent choreographers. He joined the Israeli Choreographers Association in 2017. Since 2018 he is a resident choreographer at the Menashe Regional Council, and in 2020 became co-founder of the Menashe Dance House. Kerer was commissioned to create pieces for various companies, dance programs, and festivals, such as Vertigo, the Haifa training Program and “Kaet” Ensemble (all in Israel), Oberlin College (Ohio), Malta Art Festival, Aura Dance Theater (Lithuania), and Theater Pforzheim (Germany). He received awards for his choreographies in festivals and competitions in Israel (Machol Shalem), Sweden (IL Dance), Germany (Hannover) and Denmark (CICC). Recently he received the Israeli Ministry of Culture Award for Dance and Interpretation (2021), and the Ministry of Culture Award for Emerging Choreographer (2022). Photo: Liron Waissman
Tomo Sone
Tomo Sone is an independent choreographer and performer whose work pursues human relationships, presence, and inner struggles, whilst being inspired by a variety of interdisciplinary activities. She is currently exploring the combination between digital technology and technology of the body as a means of transcending the boundary between performer and audience, and will present the results of this exploration in September 2023 at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria. Sone was a finalist in the international solo contest at the 5th Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea de la Ciudad de México in 2020 (Mexico). Her works are presented amongst others at the Suzanne Dellal Center (Israel), the Gdansk Dance Festival (Poland), and the Kyoto Art Center (Japan). She is also the founder of the "Japan-Israel International Dance Project". Photo: Avidan Ben-Giat
Miriam Engel
Miriam Engel is an Israeli and international choreographer, dancer, actress, and entrepreneur. She lives and works in Jerusalem, and has been creating and performing for about 20 years in Israel, Europe, the USA, the Far East, and Africa. Engel initiates international projects and major collaborations around the world, and is founder and director of the International Solo Dance Festival in Jerusalem. In 2011 Engel founded the "Angela Dance Cooperation” in Jerusalem - an artistic body that serves as a home for contemporary creation and produces original dance works alongside international ventures and interactive and location-dependent projects. She also serves as member of the board of directors of the Israeli Union of Performing Artists, as CEO of the “Merhav Mahol” Association, as member of the Choreographers Association, and is former artistic director of the Beit Mazia Dance Series. In addition to her original productions and many performances, Engel is invited as a guest artist to create, perform, lecture, and teach her repertoire and unique technique in organizations and festivals around the world, and is a regular guest artist and lecturer at DePaul University (Chicago) and at the SADC Center (Berkeley, California). Photo: Liron Waisman
Burak Kayıhan
Burak Kayhan is artistic director, principal dancer and teacher at the National Opera Ballet and the MDT Modern Dance Company at the Ankara Opera House, Turkey. He performed leading roles in canonical productions such as Hamlet, Le Bader, Don Quixote, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, Copelia, Anna Karenina, Carmen, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Carmina Burana, and more. Alongside his work at the opera, Kayhan has been invited to perform in Italy, Germany, and Switzerland with the piece "Concerto" by the Italian choreographer Marco Cantalupo. He also worked with the Korean choreographer Young Soon Hue Simon, appeared at the Benefiz Tanz Gala event at the Münster Theater, and played the character of Zorba in the ballet "Zorba" by Lorca Massin.
Jennifer Cohen
Jennifer Cohen is a contemporary movement and circus artist, creator, and choreographer. She specializes in dynamic aerial technique with an emphasis on the aerial hoop, in addition to her knowledge and experience in soft acrobatics, H2H, Chinese Pillar, and Cyr Wheel. Cohen uses circus practice as a healing tool that channels and expresses the personal story of the self within the changing socio-cultural narrative. In developing her performance and movement language, she explores the constant fusion between the circus discipline and the fields of dance and physical theater, using images, movement quality, sound, and writing. Alongside independent projects in Israel and abroad, Cohen had the honor to create and take part in the renowned international circuses "Cirque Plume" and "Cirque du Soleil". She has studied at "Kelim Center for choreographic work", and is currently studying traditional Chinese medicine and conducting workshops and master classes in Israel and around the world.

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